Antennas at WAØTTN
I'm continually working on my antennas and these photos represent the most current configuration. You might be interested in some historical photos of some antennas I've used over the years.
This is the current antenna arrangement. In the Spring of 2012 I received a letter from the city regarding a complaint from my neighbor about the new SteppIR antenna looming over their property. After discussing the situation with the city I decided to voluntarily relocate the tower next to the house. This not only was better from the property setback concerns of the city, but also much better for me because I could now climb the tower, which I couldn't do in it's previous standalone configuration.

Plus, I needed to bring the antenna down to replace the mast mount with the "High Wind Kit" that I bought after I found that the antenna was slipping on the mast. The new mast mount would also correct the tilt problem that I had discoverered when I first put the SteppIR antenna up.

P.S. Working with the Mercer Island city folks was a huge pleasure. The Code Compliance and and the Building Engineering officials were just wonderful to me, and very helpful in working out the complaint issues and some very nice construction suggestions. I consider myself extremely fortunate to live in a city that doesn't automatically take an adversarial position against ham radio.

As you can see, the antenna a 3-element yagi with the 40/30 meter driven element option and the additional 6 meter passive element. The rotator is still the Yeasu G-1000DXA with the most excellent Idiom Press serial interface. A complete photo album of the relocation project is here: WA0TTN Antenna Relocation Project

At the peak of the roof on a telesoping mast is my dual-band J-pole antenna that the Vashon-Maury Island Radio Club used to build and sell at the local hamfests. In the background you might be able to see the mast for the center of my 75 meter inverted-vee and the other end of the roofline. And lastly, you can see the top of the Comet GP-6 that's mounted on the chimney. Oh, and you can just barely make out my puppy Yuki-chan staring out the left dormer window at me, wondering why I'm running around in front of the house without her.

This is a Comet GP-6 144/440 MHz vertical mounted on the old TV antenna mast on the chimney. The mast also supports one corner of a wire loop and an amplified digital TV broadcast receiving antenna (the little rectangular box right below the GP-6 base).

Crossing at the top of the photo is one leg of the 75 meter inverted vee.

If you look closely, you can see my (dearly departed) puppy Sachiko peeking out of the sliding door, wondering if she can come out and help me take photos.

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