WNØTTN First Log

This is the log sheet of my very first contacts as a licensed amateur.

The log was prepared for me by the fellow who gave me the test, and passed me for my novice license. I had no idea what QSO information needed to be logged, so he ripped a sheet of paper out of his spiral-bound notebook, drew some vertical column lines, and captioned them. I can remember it so clearly now, but I can't even remember his name. Although I studied and learned the code and theory on my own, I've never forgotten how much I appreciated the VE who passed me on my first try at the license.

As you can see, the band allocations were different way back then. I had two crystals, 7.169 and 7.185 Mhz. The compact Ameco AC-1 15 watt crystal-controled tube transmitter kit seemed so sophisicated to me at the time, and I used to wonder how anyone could have managed to communicate using the primitive spark-gap gear of years gone by!

My receiver at the time was a simple SWL super-regenerative tube kit that I had received for Christmas, along with the AC-1 kit. It amazes me that I was ever able to make any contacts with this combination of simple equipment. I spent hours pounding out CQs on my little plastic-base Radio Shack key and, as my log shows, I was quite successful under the circumstances. The factor that made the difference, I believe, was that I built and erected a nice dipole up around 25 feet. The antenna was cut to length according to the ARRL Handbook, so even without an SWR meter to verify, it must have been right.

Well, time goes on and I look back at this golden era with such nostalgia. And I wonder how the youngsters today will feel about their ham radio indoctrination in as many years from now as it has been for me.

I can only say that I look back on my logs with great pride. Had I not been making contacts and writing in my log, I would have had no record, and fewer memories, of those wonderful times of my youth.

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